Exactly how to choose the right led bulb to replace xenon dual as well as single beam light bulbs?

The huge difference is with a harness, an electromagnet, and how the bulb functions. When it's close to the reflector, likewise when it's energized and also the light bulb is absorbed, it's closer to the reflector as well as develops a beam pattern that radiates high up in the air. It's not always anymore brilliant, however it changes position from a reduced beam pattern to a high beam pattern. 

And also when it's de-energize as well as all the means out, it develops your low beam due to the fact that the light source relocates even more away from the reflector. It's simply like this halogen bulb, you see how it has 2 filaments: one of them is close to the center where it installs as well as one of them is further away so just like when the low beam ignites. It's one filament the high beam ignites and it's a various filament. Because there are different spacing inside the halogen bulb, it develops a different beam pattern.

If you want to utilize a led light bulb to change hid bulb, with a single beam hid bulb, we still need a single beam led. With a dual beam xenon bulb, we still require a dual beam LED.

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